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[IIL] 2019 Post-Rock, Progressive Rock & Related, [WEWIL?]

Here is the list of all the 2019 albums I listened so far, and my appreciation of them.

Which album out in 2019 have I missed, that would make it to my 4-stars session?
(please note that when I rate an album only 1 star, It's not a judgement about the value of the artist. I admire all artist. It's just that I can't love everything and I wish them to find a big audience elsewhere).

5 stars:
  1. Devin Townsend - Empath (PROGRESSIVE METAL)
  2. Monkey3 - Sphere (PSYCHEDELIC ROCK)
  3. Tool - Fear Inoculum (POST METAL)
  4. Cheeto's Magazine - Amazingous (CROSSOVER PROG)

4 1/2 stars:

4 stars:

3 1/2 stars:

3 stars:

2 1/2 stars:

2 stars:
1 1/2 stars:

1 star:

1/2 star:
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Mainstream news report on the DAO attack is laughable

I'm going to translate the heading of this article literally, to show how these journalists are reporting this news:
Hackers have hacked one of the organisations behind the virtual currency 'ether'. That's what the Decentralized Autonomous Organization has reported. The organisation doesn't want to say how much money has been stolen, but according to the New York Times it's roughly 50 million dollars.
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How to mount a tire on a lawn tractor - YouTube ether and tire - YouTube How to mount a tire using ether Music to listen to. - YouTube ether tire mounting #2 - YouTube

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How to mount a tire on a lawn tractor - YouTube

Mounting a tractor tire back on the rim using ether. The rim shifted on us the first try and did not allow the second rim to fully engage. We had to let the air out and readjust for take number 2. This time we ... Ether to mount a tire. 15 minutes How To Wrap Wheel Faces Like A Pro Using Gloss Riviera Blue To Match The Car - Duration: 17:03. CK Wraps Recommended for you how to use ether to mount a tire Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.